Don't Tell Me to Change Who I AM

Don't tell me to change who I AM.
Don’t tell me how I am supposed to feel.
Don't tell me to stop trusting life and people.
Don't tell me to rely on the rational.

I see your anxiety,
hell, I feel it deeply in my body,
when you look at me like that. Get away from me!
I won’t live with that companion anymore.
I spent 3 years of my life subsisting on anxiety, victim fear and rage.

I can not bear your judgement of the freedom
I have found in my inner trust.
It carried me through those difficult years.
I can not let go of my innocence,
You see, it is my strength, my heart.

I refuse to obsess over any disease I may contract or
anything else that I could be fearful of in life.
You may call me careless or stupid,
I am not.
I've made a conscious choice of who I am.

Stop giving me advice that I didn't ask for,
it will not help me in any way.
Stop talking and listen with your heart instead of your mind or
go back to where you came from and
give yourself the exact same advice instead.

Love, stop worrying about me,
I will not harm the world with my innocence and trust.
And please stop feeding me your own shame, guilt and fears.
I believe in love above all and
I insist on keeping my focus on just that.

October 2017

I'll Be Your Constant

I'll be your constant joy
That flows through your body
Vitalizing as the urge to dance.

I'll be your constant light
That illuminates the farthermost curves
Improving your navigation through life.

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The Treehouse Visit

By special invitation,
I found myself climbing my way up
My heights of fear left behind
At the corner where you first
Glanced with bold brown eyes
Compelled by dance steps of joy,
And a meeting of perfect symmetry.

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Now I Can Let Them

I used to be afraid of boys and men,
and anything that went with that territory.
For the longest time.
I feared the power they seemed to have over me,
their obvious physical force.
It frightened me to what length I would go
to win their love and acceptance.

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alchemy-circle"There are three gates of liberation if you like, three cities much like the ones associated with the Goddess you have been named after that unites the chemistry experiment: the material, astral and causal. You get a chance to mix those together in your alembic and boom a wedding of chemical proportions is what we are looking at."
Part II: Chapter 15

lovers"By impulse, she looked above her. On the branches of the peppermint tree, birds had gathered. In the invisible spaces that she could see when she called herself back to the state she had been in at Helena’s house, she saw beings smiling to her. They had gathered around Kama and Lalita, wherever there was space. She could see their faces at the very back of the garden, where the star jasmine spread its stems. With the sound of the birds above and the earth vibrating underneath, she knew they all urged her to let go, to feel the earth and sky sing to her, to let her take in the glory of it all."
Part III: Chapter 33

kalisgift-anovelbyNYA-hzKali’s Gift is a timeless tale of love and spirituality, set in the desert land of Perth, Australia. A well-educated and enigmatic couple who have lived a reclusive life for many years invite a young woman artist named Lalita into their home and life. Though clearly independent in her expression and personality, Lalita is unknowingly thrown into a strange world of magic and meditation, love and alchemy, where she is destined to be profoundly transformed and in turn to transform the people around her. In the alembic of this story, you will find an alchemical composition of mysticism, dreams, transformational art, love triangles, ecstatic and astral awakenings and entanglements of magical and spiritual proportions that may astound you or at least captivate your heart and mind.

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