The Importance of Movement When Desiring a Life of Happiness, Health and Freedom

When I dance, I move my body to the rhythm of the music and the pulsating of everything around and in me. You could say I make myself move to feel the pulsating that is me, in and around me. I love dancing, because as I move, I connect with every muscle, every part of me. At the same time, I let go of everything that moves inside me. To dance freely I have to surrender all that lives inside. I let go of all contractions and let joy take over. The joy of being and moving freely, like the child completely immersed in play, sets me free and I become blissful. Whatever troubles or fears I had evaporate and I'm encouraged to experience optimism and love.

new york dancing giraf womanWatching my cat at play, I see that same natural instinct to move to stay fit, healthy and alive. Sporadically he will move across the length of my apartment with impulse and excitement. Living in a world where computers dominate every aspect of life more and more. When people end up sitting down all day in front of a screen of some sort, the skill of movement is bound to take less and less precedence, at least in our conscious life. When the physical movement decreases, people forget to be alive, to follow their natural instinct to move. Music, sexual urges and the ambition or drive to staying fit can inspire us to move. In an ideal work life, movement in form of some type of exercise would be incorporated and I'm sure it would make everyone more effective at what they do.

When we move, we don't just move our muscles and bones, we move our breath, which helps move and circulate the blood running through our body and our oxygen levels rise. As a result, our cells, our atoms, our memories, our thoughts, our emotions and anything that might be stuck emotionally or intellectually get to move. When something moves or gets unstuck, its very makeup is altered. Movement is a natural drive in us for a reason. Even the mind, if you sit all still has a tendency to move about unless something is out of balance, such as stress, fear or mental blockages. Stress is, for the most part, a mental thing, when we move, we help release chemicals into our body that helps to heal and remove the stress and blockages.

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above the underground by nya g fleron front book coverAbove the Underground

A Sci-fi Novel by Nya Gregor Fleron

Above the Underground is about a young woman Sera, who comes to New York in year 2042 to study. New York has become an underground city since the Final War in 2020, where most of the East Coast of the U.S. was obliterated by bioweapons. NY is still a prominent city tightly governed by a mysterious group of people ‘the Ustodians’ who are running the city under very strict guidelines. Her real journey of the mind and spirit starts when Sera begins to dig under the surface of this apparently well-functioning city.A number of events and encounters of people throw her unwillingly into a reality and a city, which is much different from the New York she first encountered and gradually her experience of the world expands to new dimensions.The book is about a woman’s and a city’s empowering awakening. Even in the darkest of places a light exists. It is not essential to find the light, it is essential being it.

“There were no rays of sunlight coming in through cracks or windows, bringing a little warmth to the place.There were only endless street tunnels and railways stretching and winding like big fat snakes, sleeping in their domain, waiting to smell their prey and devour it. But they said this was now the safest place in the world to live, since the division of powers in the world had shifted and the weakest had taken the positions of the strongest.”

Part 1, Chapter III

alchemy-circle"There are three gates of liberation if you like, three cities much like the ones associated with the Goddess you have been named after that unites the chemistry experiment: the material, astral and causal. You get a chance to mix those together in your alembic and boom a wedding of chemical proportions is what we are looking at."
Part II: Chapter 15

lovers"By impulse, she looked above her. On the branches of the peppermint tree, birds had gathered. In the invisible spaces that she could see when she called herself back to the state she had been in at Helena’s house, she saw beings smiling to her. They had gathered around Kama and Lalita, wherever there was space. She could see their faces at the very back of the garden, where the star jasmine spread its stems. With the sound of the birds above and the earth vibrating underneath, she knew they all urged her to let go, to feel the earth and sky sing to her, to let her take in the glory of it all."
Part III: Chapter 33

kalisgift-anovelbyNYA-hzKali’s Gift is a timeless tale of love and spirituality, set in the desert land of Perth, Australia. A well-educated and enigmatic couple who have lived a reclusive life for many years invite a young woman artist named Lalita into their home and life. Though clearly independent in her expression and personality, Lalita is unknowingly thrown into a strange world of magic and meditation, love and alchemy, where she is destined to be profoundly transformed and in turn to transform the people around her. In the alembic of this story, you will find an alchemical composition of mysticism, dreams, transformational art, love triangles, ecstatic and astral awakenings and entanglements of magical and spiritual proportions that may astound you or at least captivate your heart and mind.

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